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Nourishing Therapy takes the coronavirus (COVID-19) seriously. Sessions are online with our HIPAA compliant video conferencing or in office (with masks), you get to choose. 

Hello and Welcome to
Nourishing Therapy with Heatherly
Where Compassion and Curiosity are Cornerstones
to Healing, Empowerment, and Growth.  


Does Complex PTSD, dissociation, depression, anxiety, cancer, or chronic pain keep you from the life you want to live?

If you have just been diagnosed out of the DMS-5, or with a life-threatening health condition such as cancer, you may be frightened and overwhelmed with health information that may be confusing or hard to understand.


If your diagnosis is medical your primary concern is probably finding a good doctor and beginning treatment right away. You may not be thinking about your mental health. But mental health is important, too. Stress, anxiety, and worry will not improve your physical condition. While a therapist or counselor can’t treat your cancer, working with a qualified mental health professional can help improve your mood, outlook, and state of mind.


Distressing life events can hold us back from the personal growth and happiness we each deserve.  Learning new tools to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions, allow us to be more effective in life and help us experience more peace and joy. 


Nourishing Therapy brings experience and training in a variety of evidence-based mind-body-spirit approaches to support clients healing and journey forward, allowing personal and spiritual growth to unfold.

YOU ARE worthy and capable of transforming your life, even in the most challenging of times. 


Emotional isolation and trapped emotions are real problems with actual consequences. Our immune systems and the way our body manages pain are directly linked to our feelings of social isolation and unprocessed distressful life events. As you clear old patterns that keep you stuck, your inner wisdom and guidance begin to unfold and lead you more freely on the path of discovering your own true Self.


Nourishing Therapy uses a mixture of mind-body-spirt modalities such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Somatic Experiencing (SE), Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Body Talk, Emotion and Body Code. Acknowledging the strengths and limitations of each therapeutic tool we blend the best of each to support your specific healing journey and help you achieve your specific goals. 


Compassionate support and counseling available online, text, and in-office at 38 N. 400 W., Vernal, Utah.

Take control of


Often we are running on autopilot, letting our emotions and thoughts tell us how to think and act.


Nourishing Therapy teaches, empowers, and supports as you learn, balance, and heal. This creates space to build new neurological connections and rewire your brain through increased self-compassion, loving-kindness, and curiosity.


Organically expanding your capacity for self-care, self-awareness, and insight while creating positive internal changes, increasing confidence, fulfillment, and overall wellbeing. 


"Heatherly Gardner is one of the most sensitive and sincere therapists I have ever had. Ever since age 13 I have had issues connecting and feeling comfortable with my therapist until I met Heatherly."

 Stacia, Specialist U.S. Army.

 25 years young

Smiling Girl

"I give my full recommendation of Heatherly Gardner to anyone seeking mental health counseling. Far more importantly I also highly recommend her to people I know and care about without any pause or doubt that they would receive anything but the best care. 

In the 18 years I have received mental health care, I have had sessions with over two dozen therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Out of all those providers, there are two I would highly recommend for anybody. Heatherly is my top choice. Please understand that this means my recommendation of Heatherly is nothing short of adamant, and a strong testament to my confidence in the care and treatment that she will provide to each of her patients."


Collin, 30 years young

"Working with Heatherly for the past year after the sudden and unexpected death of my husband has been imperative to my healing and mental health. Her experience with trauma and complex grief is truly a gift. With her help and dedication to me as a patient, I am able to process my trauma and loss in healthy productive ways.​"


Dayna,30 years young

"Heatherly is a confident, educated, and compassionate therapist. These qualities will help her to understand your story. Heatherly shows deep concern, tenderness, and graciousness as she guides you to your personal health. I have seen Heatherly for several months. Because of her qualities I have been able to live a more uncomplicated life. Heatherly can guide you to your own quiet place."


Jane Webb, 73 years young

MEMORANDUM FOR Future Clients 


SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation for Heatherly A. Gardner 


1. This memorandum serves as the strongest possible professional recommendation for Mrs. Heatherly A. Gardner. I have personally received treatment from Heatherly Gardner and I have referred 12 other Soldiers as well. I have also referred family members to do the same. I have met with several therapists and psychologists over the course of my 18 years of serving in the military. I can honestly say that I have never met a more capable or competent mental health professional than Heatherly Gardner. She truly embodies what it is to be a healer and clinician. I never felt pigeon-holed or misunderstood while receiving treatment from Heatherly Gardner. This was a notable difference from virtually all other therapists I have met with previously. 


2. Heatherly Gardner is subject matter expert in the usage of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy. Her employment of techniques associated with this form of therapy have been nothing short of exceptional. I have readily trusted Heatherly Gardner with treating the most important people in my life and I would readily do so again if given the chance. 


3. Another notable difference between Heatherly Gardner and other therapists is how well versed she is in both historic and contemporary studies of human emotions and mental health. She frequently recommended several books that were highly relevant to what patients needed at that point in their life and personal journey. Heatherly Gardner not only knew about the literature to recommend, but had read and studied them herself. I have been continually impressed by her depth of knowledge as well as her incredible interpersonal skills. 


Sergeant First Class (SFC) U.S. Army. 38 years young. 

"Heatherly makes me feel comfortable! She makes me feel genuinely cared for during our conversations. She is easy to talk to and that's something I rarely say about people!"


Anonymous, 26 years young

"When I first started therapy with Heatherly, I was struggling with a plethora of problems relating to trauma, anxiety, and misdiagnosis. I was frustrated by frequent memory and focus issues, lack of motivation, hypervigilance, and near constant dissociation and depersonalization. In less than a year with Heatherly, I’ve made more progress than in all 7 years of previous therapy combined. Heatherly has emphatically listened, cultivating a space where - for the first time ever in therapy - I feel completely comfortable with being vulnerable. She was able to help me get properly diagnosed so I could address the root of my concerns, and then she expertly challenged my negative thought patterns and guided me in setting boundaries and creating beliefs that better serve me. She’s provided me with concrete tools and strategies to take home and practice that have proven not only effective, but necessary in my life. I’m no longer hypervigilant, and bouts of dissociation have decreased significantly. Although I still struggle with memory, focus, and motivation, I now have the tools I need to live a productive, fulfilling life. Thank you, Heatherly!" ️


Jamie, 23 years young

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